Parents: Steinroller Odd-Leif & Enormous Brilliant Vegas
date of birth: 13.8.2016
Height: 70 cm
Teeth: Complete Scissors
Breeding permit: NZB, JB (NL M.Kunze), ZTP (NL K.Wesche)




ED: 0/0
EYES: free (ECVO dated 30.01.2018 and 04.04.2019)
DM test: N/N
Hypothyroidism: free
DNA profile: complete

PALMARES (updated December 21. 2019)

Interchampion CIE
Holland Champion
Belgium Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Holland Junior Champion
Christmas Winner 2019 & BOB

Luxembourg Winner 2019 & BOB
Amsterdam Winner 2018 & BOB
HerbstSieger & Best of Breed - Dortmund 2018
Holland Club Winner`18 & Best of Breed
Golden Winner ’18 Liege
Junior World Winner '18
Holland Club Junior Winner`17 & Best Junior
HerbstJugendsieger & Best Junior - Dortmund 2017
Amsterdam Junior Winner 2017

12x BOB
2x BOS
10x CAC +2/4 CAC NL (Winner is dubbel en KCM. )
5x CAC + 1/4cac België (res.wordt volledig CAC-CACIB door overdracht Gotham)= BK
2x CAC Duitsland
1x CAC Luxemburg
12x CACIB (1x D+4xNL+4xB 1x Lux.)
4x CQ


At home he is called Meneer Janssen, which means: Mister Janssen.

Mister Janssen has a soft character, but he is no softy. His is very intelligent, even empathetic, but also very inventive. Every inch a Hovawart!

He is a real watchdog, a true guard for all of us (my husband Guido and me, our children and grandchildren) and his beloved darling doggie Suus (born in a sewer in Rumania, of unknown destiny).


Friends, people he knows like neighbours, yes even the horses of our neighbours are in safe hands with him. Also dogs (even males) of friends are welcome and greeted with great joy. But fiends (dogs he does not know, the mailman, people who have bad intentions or those, who clearly have NOT been invited to our premises, are warned by his barking. If they still try to come through the fence, or try to climb into the house they are being put to a stand. If they still urge to get in, he will get very angry, jump at them and when people or strange dogs insist in their wrong behaviour, he will provide us with their DNA.

That’s how it works with a good and reliable Hovawart. With him, we all are safe.

At home or when we are at work in our office, he is very calm, he takes a quiet place next to our feet or under the dining table, and sleeps (or acts as). Though he is not a slave dog, he is very obedient, he passed his character tests (Zuchttauglichkeits Prüfung).

During our long walks, he plays with other dogs, even the smallest breeds (which he literally loves). He loves his toys, small ones but his real favourite is his big brown bear, of same size like his.


He is a proud, masculine but very elegant male. He is our 4th Hovawart, we earlier had one black male and two females (blond and black), too bad they have passed away, but that is, how life goes. 99% Of the dogs you will have in your lifetime, you will outlive. The girls Pleun and Jetje were born in Enormous Kennel from Anna Pieczynska in Warszaw, our male Rens was a son of Jambo von Wittlerdamm. Look at their pictures!


Mister Janssens’ coat is of magnificent structure, soft, waving and shiny. He is in top condition. He is never ill, there are no degenerative faults in him. He is tested on all possible problems, even on dilution gene, but nothing has been found. (see the chapter of his health declarations and all documents required for mating).


You are welcome to meet him, at our home or look for all his credits at www.hovawart-enormousonlythelonely.com.

“The velvet boxing gloves”.

Hovawarts (and especially the ones from Enormous Kennel) are sovereign, self-secure dogs, who are especially attached to their family and friends. The breed is made for guarding duties, so they are courageous, fair dogs, who will always defend their beloved ones and properties against those, who have bad things in mind, or just walk into the house, without being welcome.

A small anecdote at last: Our son (45) once wanted to surprise us with an unannounced visit after he returned from a long holiday. He sneaked into the house silently (he had grown a long hipster-beard) and Meneer Janssen caught a small whispering noise by the kitchen door, ran into son-dear, growling and barking and stopping him at the doorstep in a very convincing way.

A Hovawart has a straight character, he may never be of the aggressive kind. In bringing our dogs up, we wear ‘our velvet boxing gloves’. We are communicating with our voice and in a rewarding way.

The basics of a true loyal Hovawart friend are: A well-bred Hovawart, compared with an honest, fair way of upbringing.

Never make the mistakes of:
• maltreating him,
• being too harsh, instead of understanding his character,
• punishing him in the wrong way, for things he has NOT done or that you don’t understand, or cannot prove anymore,
• beating him,
• locking him up 24/7 in an outside kennel and neglecting him
• wrong mating combinations