On 29 March 2020, the planned nest inspection at the Hovawart Friends Netherlands was on the agenda, but the Coronacrisis and the governmental measures were thrown into the dust. Cancelled!! That's why you will first find an impression of the dogs that are now more than 1 year old. We really hope that the nest inspection can continue at the new time. Congratulations to the owners on their beautiful dogs! READ MORE & SEE PHOTOS HERE - CLICK

DECEMBER 2019 | Christmas Winner show

Meener Janssen obtained his 12th BOB and the "Christmas Winner 2019" title at the Kerst Winner Show (December 21st, 2019). Judge: Hoenderken, Hildeward (NL).

Note: 3 Year + 4 months old strong male. Strong type, fine muzzle. Fine neck-top line. Fine breast and rib carriage. Beautifully bossy tail. Strong bone, compact feet. Quick movement. Excellent temperament and condition. Excellent presentation.

DECEMBER 2019 | Nosework

Meener Janssen passed his exam in detection first level with excellent result!

NOVEMBER 2019 | Janssen's offspring

Janssen's son Milo

OCTOBER 2019 | Janssen's offspring

Video of Janssen's son - click here!

Fotos of Janssen and his black daughter Noortje (6 months old)

SEPTEMBER 2019 | Niko

Janssen's son Niko passed his puppy exam today!

AUGUST 2019 | Axel

Janssen's son in GB; Farmwatch Spring Classic (Axel) on the front page of Hovawartvisie 2/2019.

JULY 2019 | Golden Dog Trophy

Our beloved Meneer Janssen won on Saturday, July 27th. 2019 in Liege (Belgium) the following Titles: Best Male, Best of Breed, CAC-CACIB, Golden Winner 2019, BENELUX WINNER 2019. We gratefully thank the Turkish Judge Mr. Ozan Belkis for this great honour!

JULY 2019:

Our gorgeous black hovi is inscribed for a detection course, starting in September 2019. Will he become in future the silent version of 007???

JULY 2019:

We are on the air! Look!!


Nicolas van de Papenheuvel sends his love to his family and friends. His boss Rik tells that he is a gorgeous doggie. The family is very happy with him.

June 2019:

At last, after three months waiting the FCI-diploma fell into our postbox. Now Meneer Janssen is International Show Champion! A copy you will find in the section DOCUMENTS.

End of May- beginning of June

All Papenheuvel puppies have packed their suitcases and left their mom for a long and healthy, happy life with their new parents. We hope for a lot of pictures and stories. We hope to follow the youngsters during their lives….


In the At Farmwatch kennel in the UK today 8 puppies were born. 3 girls an 5 boys. Mother Isalynn van Elderenshof has done a great job in giving birth and all are healthy and well. We are so proud!!


In Kennel Van de Papenheuvel 11 healthy and strong puppies are born out of the combination L-Written in the Stars del Mare d’Inverno (Sofia) x Enormous Only the Lonely. Mother and kids are doing very, very well and we are so proud!! 6 Boys and 5 girls. Look at the pics via