Update until December 21. 2019


NL Ch. Enormous Only the Lonely, Belg. Ch. Exp., Lux. Ch., CIE, JCW’17, NL JCh. VDH JHerbstsgr ’17, JW’17, Golden Winner ’18 + ‘19 Liege, Clubwinner ’18, Junior WW’18, VDH Hrbstsggr.’18, W’18, Christmas Winner 2019, Benelux Winner 2019, 4 x Crufts Qualification

NSHB 3065444 (Imp. Polska) Colour: Solid Black
Born: August 13. 2016 in Warschau Kennel Enormous (Anna Pieczynska) .
Steinroller Odd-Leif x Enormous Brillant Vegas
Chipnr.: 616093900259767


K.J.F. Klabbers-Metaal and Guido Klabbers.

To be reached at:
De Riet 7a – 6034 RM Nederweert Eind - NL –
Tel. (+31) (0)6-29417263 or (+31) (0)6-54234266


Health investigations:

HD: Hip Dysplasia A
ED: Elbows 0/0, no abnormalities
Teeth: complete scissors
Eyes: free (ECVO dated 30.01.2018 and 04.04.2019)
DM test: N/N, free of Degenerative Myelopathy
Thyroid: Healty
Locus D: D/D, no dilution
DNA profile: complete

Breeding test: Zucht Tauglichkeits Prüfung October 7. 2018 (club: HRV – NL)


Show results:


Mark Class Date Show Title
1 ZG Junior May 20 Dortmund, D  
1 ZG Junior May 28 Oss, NL  
1U Junior June 5 Venray, NL  
2U Junior June 25 Sevenum Clubmatch HW Rasvereniging NL, NL  
2ZG Junior July 1 Echt, NL  
1U, CAC, BOB Junior July 29 Rotterdam, NL  
1U Junior Sepember 9 Apeldoorn (Nederlandse HW Club) Youth Club Winner ‘17
1U Junior October 13 Dortmund, D VDH Jugendherbstsieger’17, JBOB
2U Junior October 15 Dortmund, D  
1U Junior December 9 Amsterdam Winner 2017 Youth Winner ’17
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Intermedia December 16 Gorinchem Christmas Show Ned. Jeugd Kampioen (+CAC)


Mark Class Date Show Title
1U CAC, CACIB, BOB Intermedia January 7 Turnhout, BE  
2U, Res. CAC Res. CACIB Intermedia February 7 Eindhoven, NL  
1ZG Intermedia Utrecht, NL  
1U, CAC Intermedia Lingen, D  
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Intermedia Venray, NL  
1U, res. CAC Intermedia Lommel, NL  
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Intermedia Genk, BE
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Intermedia Luik, BE Golden Winner 2018
1U Junior WDS Amsterdam, NL Junior World Winner 2018
1U, CAC, BOB Open September 16 Kampioensclubmatch HCN Clubwinner Hovawart Club Nederland 2018
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Open October, 17 Dortmund, D VDH Herbstsieger ’18
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Open Amsterdam, NL Winner Amsterdam, CQ, Nederlands Kampioen
2U, res. CAC, res. CACIB Open Kerstshow Noviomagum


Mark Class Date Show Title
Introduction on Hond van het Jaar Show 2018.
1U, Res. CAC, CACIB, BOS Champion February 3 Eindhoven, NL Nederlands Kampioen
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Champion March 17 Weeze Schaal der Kempen, B Belgian Show Champion + CQ, International Show Champion
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOS Champion May 11 Luxemburg Luxemburg Champion
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Champion Luik, B Golden Winner 2019 & Benelux Winner 2019
1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB Champion December 21 Amsterdam, NL Christmas Winner 2019


12x BOB
2x BOS
10x CAC +2/4 CAC NL (Winner is dubbel en KCM. )
5x CAC + 1/4cac België (res.wordt volledig CAC-CACIB door overdracht Gotham)= BK
2x CAC Duitsland
1x CAC Luxemburg
12x CACIB (1x D+4xNL+4xB 1x Lux.)
4x CQ

Titles 2017:

Youth Club Winner ‘17
Ned. Jeugd Kampioen (+CAC)
VDH Jugendherbstsieger’17
Youth Winner 2017

Titles 2018:

Golden Winner 2018 (Luik).
Clubwinner Hovawart Club Nederland 2018
Junior World Winner 2018
VDH Herbstsieger ’18
Winner 2018

Titles 2019:

Nederlands Kampioen
Belgian Show Champion
Luxemburg Champion
International Show Champion
Golden Winner 2019
Benelux Winner 2019
Christmas Winner 2019



Janssen x L-Written in the Stars del Mare d’Inverno:
Date of breeding: 4.2.2019
11 puppies born on 8.4.2019 in NL

Janssen x Isalynn van Elderenshof::
Date of breeding: 14.3.2019
8 puppies born on 16.5.2019 in Great Britain